12-08-25 through 12-09-07 Train, Ferry and Sailing on Puget Sound in Washington – Vacation.

You can take a vacation from a vacation.

Helena joined me in Fairbanks and together we rode the Alaska Railroad Train 12 hours to Anchorage, Alaska. The railroad views and comfort are spectacular. Dome windows and outside viewing porches. (reminded me of the days riding freight trains from California to Virginia.)

In Anchorage there was sightseeing and rented bicycles for a ride along the coast – great paved bike paths in Anchorage.

Took a tour bus trip and Glacier Tour Boat to Blackstone Bay. Whales, porpoise and seals. There was a group of Kayakers out on the bay(this might be a next adventure)

We boarded the Train again in Anchorage for the short trip to Whitter, AK to catch the Alaska Marine Ferry to Bellingham, Arrive Whitter at a at 12:15PM and spend the day in a very small town. Loaded onto the Ferry at 10:00PM with a sail out at 11:45pm( still daylight)

We will do the Ferry ride again 1620 miles down the inside passage over 4 1/2 days. The people you meet and talk with are fantastic. The Views of ocean, shore, mountains, glaciers are immense. The sunsets (finally) are beautiful. The whales, sea lions, Eagles are wonderful.

All just this shows us there is beauty, safety and love in the world, and God is in the whole of His creation.

Upon arriving in Bellingham, Helena and I rented a car and drove to Edmond Washington to visit my Uncle Jim Welsh and Colleen.

Again Family ties are strong and long lasting, regardless of time and distances that may separate for awhile.

Uncle Jim has a 42′ sail boat, which he graciously took us out on for a day trip to introduce us to the Irish Merger. The next day we left for an overnight trip on Puget Sound.

Need I say now we want to get a sail boat.

Again another wonderful time visiting and living in Edmonds.

My sister Gail and we had dinner on the water the night before we left for Seatac airport. Again family and time and distance are close.

Funny how we all share many of same mannerisms, speech patterns, looks and views, mostly unconscious about each other. Yet anyone who had never meet us, sees them in us immediately

So now I am posting mostly untitled pictures, of nearly a months vacation to have you see only a very small picture of the largeness that Helena and I experienced.

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