12-11-11 Sunday – The End of bicycle ride – The journey continues with less fear, uncertainty and doubts.

The bicycle riding around the western USA, and Canada has come to an end. I am changed physically and spiritually.

Sitting here today with my sister in Las Vegas, Nevada it came to me one reason I feel differently about this life and the world in general is, I have experienced the futility of FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Almost every day I woke up and started out – experiencing not knowing where I would end up that evening to sleep. Of being not fearful, not doubting the future of not being uncertain. My experience is now that the FUD is just a destructive, manipulation that ourselves and others use to justify control and enslavement of persons, including ourselves.

The world is more good and less dangerous than both we are told and we believe it is. God is in charge and in all. All things work for  good. When I go slow and look both inside me and into others, there is the world, it is all connected, It is all one.


Post Script: The plan now is to go work in the Northeast doing insurance adjusting for a few months and then Helena and I to start on the Mountain Property.

A special Thank you to all who have followed and whom I have meet and were shown kindness and help by. 

2 comments on “12-11-11 Sunday – The End of bicycle ride – The journey continues with less fear, uncertainty and doubts.

  1. Hi Papa Mike on a Trike–
    My husband and I met you in Idaho, and I am writing a book about our cross country bike trip. I’d like to include you and your moniker in what I write. If you’ll please send me your e-mail, I’ll send what I’ve written that includes you to see if you are okay with it. It was terrific to meet you!
    Mari Rudd

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