12-06-19 Tuesday 122 days 51 kilometers 30 Miles – Along the Alaska Highway at last –

12-06-16 thru 18 Saturday – Monday 121 days 0 miles – Stopped by Uhaul to see if they have a truck – it is raining again.

Unfortunately the photos from last night and the next 3 days seem to be lost from the camera to the PC transfer. While riding out of town in the rain I decided to stop by the Uhaul rental place in 100 Mile house, BC where we had spent the night. I had called the phone number but had not gotten an answer.  We stopped and what do you know they were open and had a small moving van truck. Pretty pricey, and Michael and I were already soaked again.

After loading up the Truck and turned on the heater and defroster and drove to Quensnel, BC where at the information center we got a map with the free camping areas on the way to Barkerville, BC.  We were able to go to  church at St Ann Catholic church before finding a camp site. Sleeping in the back of the van with the bikes. Again the Guardian Angel was directing us. The rain and hail most of the night was terrible. The next day was spent in Barkerville, which is Canada 1861 gold rush site, and most of the town has been restored to the 1860’s with the park staff playing characters of the era. Michael and I spent the whole day there and it rained the whole day. So once again we were able to make good out of stuff.

Sunday we drove to Prince George, BC – thought about dropping off the Van and riding to Dawson Creek, BC. We parked in the Walmart parking lot for the night. Monday Morning raining like crazy again so decided to drive on to Dawson Creek, BC and the mile 0  of the Alaska Highway. Along the way there were some humdinger Thunder and Wind storms, again glad to have keep the van.

12-06-15 Friday 121 days 77 kilometers 46 miles Into the fog and up and down into 100 Mile house great County Park by a rushing stream to camp.

A lot of photos are lost during the transfer from camera card to PC –

the rain on Friday night and into Saturday Morning convinced me to bite the bullet and rent a UHaul truck to haul the Bikes and us up the road and out of the rain. We are way behind a schedule to make it to Fairbanks, AK in any kind of enjoyable pace.

12-06-14 thursday 119 days It’s a rain day in Clinton, BC – Great bit of history at the Museum and a discount at the motel.

12-06-13 Wednesday 119 days 55 Klicks and 31 miles – out of the sagebrush in to the pines and Clinton, BC.

12-06-12 Tuesday 118 Days 50 Kilometers 30 miles The ride down and out of Kamloops and a great down hill and up hill more rain also.

12-06-11 Monday day 117 – 68 km 41 miles More good country into Kamloops, BC pleasant short cut and then the climb up – Motel time again.

12-06-10 sunday day 116 – 66 km 40miles – Sunny morning – no luck fishing good ride to Monte Lake and a solid ride, wild camp and we didn’t get to use the bear spray. Oh Well maybe later.

12-06-09 Saturday day 115 – 60 km 36 miles waited out the rain to let up at the motel before finally heading out – ended up making church and wonderful dry camping on edge of lake.