This is PapaMikeFox – Some times I am a 20yr young in a 61yr old body with really old Grand Children and Children.  I have 3 wonderful children and 8 Grandchildren(7 still with us in this vale), And as you have heard the Grand Children are the best part. My1st family of  6 sisters mostly like me to visit still and there are even really great Aunts, Uncles, and cousins for friends and role models. I was married for 36years and still keep in touch with my second family and they are doing well.  My current partner in life is the original one of 45+ years ago, my first High-school sweetheart, who has 2  – sons and a wonderful family. Yes she too has the best part with a beautiful Grand daughter.

I have worked for a few companies the most of the time for IBM high end computing and supercomputers, world wide for 27+ years.  The last 10 years have been in Catastrophe Insurance Adjusting within the US: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Hail, Ice, Wind, fire for home owner policies. I still have licences in 16 states.

Now I am heading out on a Bike ride around the USA, and perhaps beyond. If your a relative or friend I may at home near you soon.


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      • Hi Mike thank you for taking the time to talk with me in oakdale you could
        not have picked a better day to pass through hope your ear is ok. Today
        Thurs it is starting to rain Have a safe trip home. Hope to follow your trip
        Lee Lawrence Oakdale

      • Hi Mike, just a note to let you know I am loving the bike. Hope all is well with you as you continue on this journey we call life, you are an inspiration and it reminds me to thank God for the job I have and the people it brings into my life. Take care and keep the rubber on the road. Clara/yellow line/fairbanks, ak

      • Clara, great to hear from you and I am so pleased your on the bike. You are right about all the folks God brings in to our lives, and the good they can both bring us and draw out of us. Thanks again for the note. Knowing you are in Fairbanks, AK will keep it an even more special place.
        be save and go far.

  1. Hi Michael! You’re an inspiration and role model for all of us who think we can’t do something anymore just because of our age, health, etc. I’m proud to be your sister and look forward to seeing you in the Pacific Northwest – in the spring perhaps?

    Take good care and God Bless- be safe and follow your heart and spirit on this journey.


  2. Mike – it was good to meet you in Alpine, TX. I hope when you are back ‘home’, you’ll consider publishing a book about your travels. You ARE an inspiration!

  3. Hi Mike,
    I am enjoying checking your status each day. You are continually in my prayers. The heavens declare the glory of God. Enjoy each day he gives you!

  4. Wondering if Mary Jackson is your sister. That church, St. John Vianney, in Houston was my parish when I lived full time in Houston. You and I met in Alpine. As you remarked about the two priests who were in seminary together, it is a small world.

    • Hello Gail, Yes it is small and all in the hand of God. Mary Jackson was my sisterlaw and now a dear friend. Iam back on the road again now in Muleshoe, tx. Spent a week with daughter in Leonard, tx. I hope to get some updates posted in the next few days. Take care.

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  5. Hi Michael; What a great suprise to find this; you look great and now you have me planning for my next adventure. My childhood friend from around the corner, Sheri Corbett told me about this. We both hope to see you…. Sherri is in Boise ID and I’m still in Seattle.

    • Gail – Good you found it there is some Fox Family photos that I put up last week on Flicker and Sherri Corbett in in one of them. I posted the address stuff on Facebook.
      I am planning on visiting when I get to Seattle, Washing sometime in September.

  6. Hi Mike,
    I have been wondering how you are doing. I haven’t seen an update for a while. Today I am seeing updates each time I refresh the web page. You must have found a spot with internet access. Keep enjoying your great adventure!

    • Thanks Dave. The phone and wifi is very spotty up here. And Iam about 10 days behind on blog updates. I have been posting stuff on my Facebook page at Michael Fox. This adventure part with my grandson up here is fantastic May God Bless you and all of yours Michael fox

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  7. Hey Mike, thank you for letting me try your bike at the Sam’s parking lot. If you need help or assistance in any way while near Fairbanks, look me up in the phone book. Bob Siftar.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about your Ice Trike while you were re-loading your trike in Whittier, AK. I hope your boat trip was an adventure.

    • Sylvia, What a treat. I am sure Lonnie told you that reading your Myrtletheturtle journey on Crazyguyonabike.com was the encouragement for me to get a Trike and head out on this journey. Thank you. Yes it is the people along the way as well as the pedaling that is the great part.

  9. Met you at Starbucks Watt Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd in Sacramento, Ca
    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Wish you the best during your Adventure.

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