12-06-30 Saturday 132 days 60 km 38 miles

12-06-29 Friday 131 days 56 km 35 miles

12-06-28 Thursday 130 days 66 km 46 miles Meeting more Bicyclists heading south good day for riding

12-06-27 Wednesday 129 days 74 km 46 miles What? just another day strolling up hill and racing down hill – where are the pictures?

To day was a long one and have no idea why there are no pictures – some days are more mundane than others and we just pedal. It may be that we are just like everyone else who soon become jaded to normal – Like those who don’t seem to visit the points of interest just around their own homes. Even us who are seeing fantastic vistas and up close nature every few hours. Time to reset our perspective.


12-06-26 Tuesday 128 days 76 km 47 miles Great day for wildlife finally get to see a bear up close and do some lake fishing

12-06-25 Monday 128 days 70 km 43 miles Just rolling along look for Blue Fish signs – good miles day.

12-06-24 Sunday 127 days 66 km 40 miles Rain Rain Go Away come again another day. – Cleared up in the evening

12-06-23 Saturday 126 days 60 km 37 miles. Another day of extremes great start and good timing on the end.

Asking for donations to help defray expenses for Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Michael Puriett & PapaMike bicycle ride to Alaska
byMichael Fox
Papa Mike Fox and his 14 yr old grandson Michael Pruiett are riding bicycles to Fairbanks, Alaska from the USA/Canada border. They are currently traveling up the Alaska Highway and have gone over 1,100 miles and are 500 miles up the Alaska Highway. The remoteness and prices for supplies as well as rain incurred lodgeing have exceeded the budget. Any donations to help defray expenses will be appreciated – a hamburger for Michael up here is $15.00 drink extra. Today buying supplies for the Whitehorse, Yukon Territories came to over $200 and most was Ramon Noodles and peanut butter and Jelly.

All contributions from family and friends over journey expenses for food, Lodging and equipment maintenance will be donated to local churchs and charities along the way.

This journey is an epic event for both my Grandson Michael Pruiett and is Grandfather Michael Fox.
And I hope an event for all my friends and family to demonstrate that just starting and trusting is all it takes for the journey.
Everyday Michael and I meet people along the way who enjoy our journey with us and provide encouragement and support of many kinds.
There are a lot more good people than not.

12-06-22 Friday 125 days 56 km Earlier start a little rain and more Great folks along the way and 126 mile post