12-09-23 Sunday 174 Days riding- 35 miles Another Great day after Church, and Learned more about 1920s Mexico -and riding with “The Group”.

12-09-22 Saturday 173 Days riding- 25 miles – A day to rest and step back in time in old sea side cabin.

Gold Beach – Deciding which way to go to Jacksonville, Oregon – The short high route or the long low route.

12-09-21 Friday 172 Days riding- 37 miles – Now Today was a good day rolling along, Good folks, campfire and Marshmallows.

12-09-20 Thursday 171 Days riding- 44.5 miles – Rested and rolling,and then The SEVEN DEVILS.

12-09-19 Wednesday 170 Days riding- 6 miles – The Raccoon had worn me out I just went to next Campground to recoup.

12-09-18 Tuesday 169 Days riding- 32 miles A tour of a cool Light house Museum and Attack of the Raccoon.

12-09-17 Monday 168 Days riding- 34 miles Honeyman campground

12-09-16 Sunday 167 Days riding- 29.5 miles – Another great start with Church and then something seems a little off.

12-09-15 Saturday 166 Days riding- 49.5 miles _ Now this is the Oregon Coast at it’s Best and promises to be more and more.

12-09-09 – 14th Sunday to Friday- So much for riding everyday – Jerry drove up from Portland to jump me to their home.

Jerry drove up from Portland to jump me to their home. It will by pass major highways into Portland and we can have more time to visit.

I gotta say that driving around Portland, I saw the most Bicycle folks going to and from places than anywhere else so far. Good Bike lanes and it is not a flat city by any means. Really cool.