12-03-25 91 days +/- 3000 Miles – Take a break, re outfit, and renew for 10 days or so.

Here I am after Church on Sunday - Brunch with Nancy and Manuel good day and ride to the mountain property.

Will be spending some time here to get renewed. Though I didn’t keep my daily mileage as  most riders I am pretty close or a little over 3000 miles. Some of the equipment shows it. I still have some padding around my middle for the next section to Fairbanks, Alaska and back. I ‘ll up date the next few days when I jump off again.

When I hit 1000 miles it felt like a journey, at 3000 miles it begins to feel like an epic adventure. I am anxious for my Grandson Michael to join me this summer going into Canada and onto Fairbanks.

Thank you all who are following me along and who have encouraged me and befriended me.





12-03-24 Saturday 90 days 3 months? on the road Into Springerville 1st loop done

12-03-23 Friday 89 days The Continental Divide and Pie Ala mode

12-03-22 Thursday 88 days – Only 18 miles yesterday -Today meeting more interesting and good folks

12-03-20 Tuesday 86 days – Only way to get going is to start – on to the road

12-03-21 Wednesday 87 days – Great day and company – in/out of Magdalena,NM

12-03-19 Monday 85 days – Just one more Day off in Socorro, NM

One more day in Socorro waiting on the weather. Getting motivated is a little tougher today

Father Andy was telling me there are 10 churches in his parish that were built in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s in just his Parish – They are having restoration issues because of ground water seeping up into the foundations. Still amazing the have lasted this long.

12-03-18 Sunday 84 days – Another storm related rest day – just in time again.

The view from the room - Made it to Sunday Mass and got a prescription filled - the blood pressure is staying down so off the Hdrochlorothiazide again. Time to up date the blogs.

Actually these weather breaks are coming just in time. I need a few more days rest to deal with this sinus stuff. You can see from the sky in the picture the wind, dust and rain/snow were pretty bad west, where I am headed.

This motel is undergoing some ownership/management issues. In any case the lady at the front used to own this a few years ago, and it’s now being foreclosed on and reverting back to her kids, she is semi retired and doing traveling and prospecting. She says along the Alaskan/Canadian highway to stop and pan for gold.

The next goal is St Peters church in Springerville, AZ about 150 miles west of here. The weather will determine the time at least by Next Sunday.



12-03-17 Saturday 83 days – Socorro, NM – San Miguel church – You know bad weather is not always bad

12-03-16 Friday 82 days – Meeting more people and a great down hill