12-01-25 Wednesday 31 days and 1,000 miles, Yes! One Thousand Miles.

Just so you don't think this is all sweetness and light traveling out here. This section of Hwy 90 is a main east west truck route to the west coast, lots of noise at night.

This morning is a cold damp Northwest wind – Good direction, nice if a little warmer.

The North west wind is up. There was a heck of a thunderstorm last night and rained a lot, only the bottom side of the tarped traped some run off water, I was under the cover. Coincidence again

The only way to get to good people and fun things along the way is to get up and pedal every morning, at least by 11:00am.

Besides the truck tire wires on the shoulder- These little beauties run in patches. When the DOT mows the shoulder these get kicked on to the road.

I got a good couple of these later today, in the same tire.

Of course there are hundreds of these markers along the way. This one and one just before struck me. Jose Hernandez US Navy 21 year old when he died here

The thing about life experiences, just a soon as you start crying about your own aches and pains or unfortunate events, something like this marker(if your aware outside yourself) will remind you how difficult it has been in the past and you got through it, or how difficult it is for someone else who is getting through it. On the second tire puncture when I stopped to air up the low tire after the stopleak had temporarily plugged it a fellow in a loaded pickup truck stopped to see if I needed any help. Didn’t get his name, he shared he was traveling around, trying to get used to his wife dying a few months ago. “Hell I am retired, I can do anything, go anywhere I want to” asked him where he was headed and said probable out west, he didn’t know.   I pray he finds something to fill the very large hole he has. We all have these holes, these hungers – for me as the Psalm says, “I shall not rest until I rest in you, my God”

And another good thing while at the Judge Roy Bean Museum the pleasant woman at the counter hears about Warmshowers.org from a coworker and tell me. Keith has a great deal and here I am.

I had signed up a couple of years ago and it lapsed after my email account was hijacked – I don’t think anybody wired money overseas ,when the note said I was stranded in England with out money or ID.

It's nice to be out of the Wind to fix three puntures in one tire. In the 5 miles before hitting the 1000 mile mark picked up three holes. self sealing tubes kept me afloat into Keiths with some stops for airups.

Thats one of the mesquite thorns along the highway. Time for my warm shower and good nights sleep. Oh yea I started out Today’s blog with how difficult it is and yep it got a lot better.

And yes I passed the 1,000 mile mark – Now I feel like I am on a journey, and I know where I will be when it is over.

12-01-24 Tuesday 30 days of riding – Out of a Canyon and into another and another.

Tuesday a little head wind and doing OK

It is not flat out there, guess that’s why they call it the bandlands.

Some of the History is the most news they ever had here.

Oops forgot the rotate the picture – just turn the computer screen on end or your head.

Since about 15 miles befor Sanderson I have not ever come across more road kill deer, just by smell and sight at least 30.

and this is kinder gentler photo with out the smell. The traffic really picks up past Sanderson and there must a lot more slow deer.

Yes the work of the border patrol never ends, drag the tires during the day, look for foot prints at night and the next day.

Meet these folks mounting up to round up some sheep that had got on the highway. Marie said this was sheep country, hadn't seen any yet.

There they are sheep with lambs, would be hard to see out across the distance.

This part of the country there are lots of canyons with downs and ups. I have been walking some of last part of the ups.

My son John the Chiropractor, says its good for my back, he was right when he said it and still right now. My back is starting feel better already. Now why don’t we keep up with that stuff all the time. I guess that is what discomfort, pain, and trouble is about to get us to do something that we didn’t need to stop doing in the first place, or to stop doing we started to do that we didn’t need to start. I started sitting all day and my low back starts to hurt. I ride my bike hundreds of miles some everyday, and I start feeling better.

I wondered what the ICE trike looked like from the rear at a distance

And again just in time a Texas picnic area after 30 miles in a little head wind.

I haven’t figured out these Picnic stop locations on the maps and I don’t know if there is certain mileage spacing.  I do know that when it is better for one to be where it is for me – da da it’s there.

And then during the night there is a heck of a thunderstorm and rain for a couple of hours, guess who is under the roof of the picnic area. just another coincidence from your friendly Guardian Angel.

12-01-23 Monday in to Sanderson and Coffee with Dave and Marie

Rolling along to Sanderson little bit of head wind. the trike and the guy pedeling are doing much great today.

The landscape is more interesting to see out here.

At a road side picnic stop I meet Fran and Bruce from British Columbia on their way to Apache Junction to visit his brothe. I suggest they go through Columbus, NM for the history and nice route.

See he is still alright and has more body to lose. The tan is getting really dark and a little leathery - time to pick up some lotion.

Ya know the better shape I am getting into the more fun this becomes – Then it has always been that way for everyone. It’s just getting to the fun part that is so much work.

Made it into Sanderson, saw Dave and Marie walking down the main street in town, I am invited for coffee.

This the same spot the couple back in Clint, NM at the Super 8 recommended. The best part was the coffee and dinner with Marie and Dave.

Dave and Marie from Casper, Wy. What a wonderful couple. Marie made dinner on last second notice. Wonderful conversation. She is from Spain and Lucky Dave was stationed near with the Air Force when they Married.

Thanks again Dave and Marie – hope to see you at the lake near Del Rio.

12-01-22 Sunday 28 days riding- Could not resist the Tail Wind

The view from the fireplace into the courtyard with real green grass very nice friendly place

Once again me and the cloths are clean. Did some updates on the wordpress. The wind is getting up and I am headed to the little store and then to 12noon mass.

St. Mary's church in Marathon. made it to Sunday communion service, it is served as a mission out of Alpine

Good service.

After church another great tail wind - the dust is blowing up and I am in the fast lane again no traffic on Sunday afternoon

I have the jacket sail hoisted on the flag poles and rolling along.  some ups and downs the wind really helps. I am really feeling well after Alpine and Marathon churchs.

At a road side picnic stop I meet Fran and Bruce from British Columbia on their way to Apache Junction to visit his brothe. I suggest they go through Columbus, NM for the history and nice route.

Not much of a picture as they are pulling away. Nice visit, more good people

some interesting rock formations

a road side sign said this area is unique for his geology having been laid down then turned on end and covered up  again. Sounds I have felt some times.  But not today.

After about 19 miles the rear tire is real low and the rear shifter is acting up then what do you know 1 mile ahead was here.So the ICE trike is getting the flat fixed - It was one of the dreaded wires that went through 2 layers of armor liners and keep poking the self sealing tube. The Derailer problem took more time in the morning.

This coincident thing lets see this situation could be really bad, a flat tire and bunged up derailer at the same time.  And it just so happens I made 20 miles in an easy afternoon wiht the wind at my back. I don’t know when the derailer went south but it’s bent probable happened in Alpine or Marathon. I should knock  off for the day rather than push too much and what do you know a nice Picnic spot with covered work area to fix the flat and derailer. Good stuff or not. I think Good stuff. Some folks would thing rotten luck.

I am thinking Guardian Angel on the job.

12-01-21 Saturday – and it just keeps on getting better and more fun

Started out Saturday with some meditation in the church. Beautiful place for resting, healing and strength

Neat old church with a vibrant priest and congregation.

The wind is up again today and I am headed for Marathon, Tx.

The road today is not desolate this is LeeBob from South Carolina he stopped on his motorcycle to chat.

He manages a white water rafting and Zip line adventure place in South Carolina.

and then this fellow and his wife stopped in there 5th wheel. They were going to Sanderson and stay a few days to look them up when I get there.

Turns out to be David and Marie from Wyoming more on them later.

Along about here at a road side park at the junction of Hwy 90 and 67, I meet Mark, who is from Germany. He comes over every year for a few weeks and stays at Fort Davis. He was riding a bike also.

Rolled into Marathon, Tx early today about 4:30 after 30 miles a very good day. Reading one of the place markers Marathon was named by a sea captain who settled here. He named it because the area hill reminded him of the Marathon Plain in Greece. Who knew.


12-01-20 Friday It got a lot better today in all ways.

Friday Morning sun on the mountains look hoping to be a better day - dropping one of blood pressure meds, the water pill, will probable help my energy

Here is the other thing that will help my day, I am treating the chip seal shoulder like gravel and riding on the outside tire lane

The traffic into Marfa all but disappeared. Able to stay in the fast lane almost all the way.

and this is what is really helping my today one heck of a tail wind. I have to set the brake when I stop when going up hill or the wind blows the trike away. YA YO

I tie my coat on to make a sale and away I go.

The Marfa Lights viewing area 5 miles outside of Marfa, I stopped at the first place and got a hair cut - 30bucks ouch. picked up some water at the store and rode the wind outa there.

The other item I found at the little grocery store in Marfa was EmergenC Vitamins, that is a powder and I add to the water bottle.  I am rolling now.

Meet Ann and David Winkler-Morey there story is on Pedalstory you can Google them. started last June and have done over 7000miles so far.

These two folks were heading into the wind, what a tough slog. Nice of them to stop and trade cards. Good Luck David and Ann.

Rolled into Alpine just in time for the 5pm service at Our Lady of Peace Catholic church. Father Mike set up with a camping spot on the grass between the school and church

Sometimes I am really surprised how this works. There are no coincidences. There really is the God of all things keeping it all in order. All I have to do is cooperate a little. Notice how they are flying two of flags I am.

From a 20 mile day and all in to a 45 mile day and feeling great, what a little help from God can do.

So now I am feeling even better than before, and ready to keep on trucking after a good nights sleep here in the church yard. Thanks to the parishioners who spoke with me and took pictures after the service.


12-01-19 Thursday I only thought yesterday was tough

This Prada display is a piece of Art work 8 miles in any direction from anything. the not as fat, fat guy in the mirror

Today was a killer for me physically. I only thought yesterday chip seal shoulder was wearing me out. That and I have no energy it seems at all.

This art work was donated by the estate of a local ranch owner and maintained by another. I guess there is lots of money in cotton, pecans, and cows.

Made it to Valentine, Tx in time for a good break. This is the war memorials going into town. Everything is closed except the Library.

The Kay A Johnson Library in Valentine, cool place and story. Also only place to get good water from the outside hose.

Kay Johnson passed away a few years ago and her daughter and friends converted this old house on the highway into a small library. Lots of dignitaries, political personalities and Generals have contributed from all over the world. Kay Johnson lived in Austin and owned a ranch out here to get away  and rest.

The inside of the library.

The sunset again spectacular I am beat.

I only got 20 miles today. I am completely done in. My skin is wrinkled and won’t pass the pinch test for water content. When I get off the bike I am dizzy and weak feeling – I have run 6 liters of water through me and am not retaining any. Sounds like a combination of dehydration and low blood pressure. The two often go together and not totally unexpected. So tomorrow I stop taking the water pill as part of my BP meds regime. That is good news.


12-01-18 Wednesday The road to Valentine got longer

leaving Van Horn Toward Marfa it's a great day.

Leaving out of Van Horn my anticipation was 40 to 50 miles a day – boy was I wrong.

Here at break having lunch after 10 miles the chip seal is a little tough - slows me by 2-3mph.

Lots of crunchy peanut butter, Marmalade and tortillas lunch and dinner and snack time cheaper than energy bars and has the protein, carbs, sugar and I like em. Read about the tortillas on the web from bicyclers going to Alaska.

The chip seal shoulder  has not been smoothed out by cars and trucks like the travel lane – too busy to get up on the highway.

Just a neat shot of the landscape at 6MPH

Four sword palms just hanging out – going even slower on a bike helps you really notice more.

so here is one of crops out here - King Cotton and we thought it was desolate.

And there is a close up of the chip seal almost as bad as a gravel road only harder.

and here is the another crop Pecans, Miles and Miles of orchards

The trains coming at me every few hours would blow their whistles - nearly everyone waved back or honked thier horns.

a beautiful sunset on a pretty tough 30 mile day

beginning to suspect I have lost enough weight and water and my Blood pressure is dropping. Missed Valentine by 8 miles.

12-01-17 Tuesday Serria Blanca and on into Van Horn, Rolling on

More of the frontage road to Serria Blanca - cleared the top thanks to wind yesterday. The Flat just at dusk worked out well too. Fixed it this morning.

Serria Blanca, Hudspeth County court House was built of adobe in 1919 - Looks like it has held up pretty good.

Sierra Blanca,m Tx - If you only see the couple of blocks near the freeway you would think the town is dead - its not.

Got 2 gallons of water and had some coffee and snacks – at the Exxon station. Talked with Grandmother who worked there – She had moved to Sierra Blanca from San Antonio after her daughter and grandchildren had move here. The have a nice school and she likes it. Her youngest granddaughter is 13. More good people doing good stuff.

On the road to Van Horn - another one of those sites you might miss at 80MPH on the hill top in the middle of here and now. wonder what the story is up there.

The frontage road is on North side of I10 through here so I see into the windshields of the cars, trucks and RVs heading west. Having driven this section more than a Dozen times over the years. I get the sense that those driving, experience this country as if they are watch TV, except for the bugs on   the screen. Climate controlled and the picture blurry at the edges as your flying along at 80mph. as I am looking into the windshields I get a brief sense of walking by a window and peaking into for a brief second into someones house.

Here is the end of the frontage road from Serria Blanca to Van Horn that runs on the North sided of I10

Your about 5 or 6 miles short of Van Horn, Tx. not to worry.

Here is the cross over the divided section of I10 - the traffic was light and you can see a long ways - but do not dally.

Once you have crossed over the 4 lanes to the east bound side the shoulder is very wide and smooth. The Ice Trike coasted all the way to the grocery store in Van Horn about 7 miles, cranked the pedals just to keep from getting stiff.

Tuesday PM In for the night nice camping area and indoor activity room. Austin on his way to Kerrville, Tx stopped and we talked, He had went to Texas Tech many a year ago. Had played music at local hotel in 72'

Some days 2 or 3 folks come out. This is a small world in many ways.

We just need to keep in mind an old sales tool that IBM marketing taught back in mid seventies to get customers motivated to buy computers. “FUD” factor Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt will motivate just about anyone to do just about anything. Just watch the News and the commercials, for the FUD factor. Oh what did the devil say to Eve “Did God really say you couldn’t eat of the fruit of this tree? uncertainty, doubt?

Thanks for spending a couple of minutes with me Austin.






12-01-16 Monday The Wind at my back and an Angel with a Diet Coke

If your riding by this is a good deal for 4 bucks not fancy, but nice.

riding out of Tornillo on Monday -Just more cotton - Weather reports wind advisory out of the west.

Hwy 20 ends and your on I10 the tail wind is picking up a little

The climb into the mountain ahead is long and steady. Thanks to the tail wind I was able to get 38 miles in. Wished I would have filled up with water at Ft. Hancock because McNary has nothing that open.  Oh Well

The look back to El Paso - Boy this 30 mph and higher gusts are a God Send for pushing me up hill. Mary Cahoon was the other with a Coke.

Not much to see into the Valley, for the dust the wind kicked up  – I was really getting worn out. The wind is what got me this far. Running a little low on water and gas until Mary Cahoon on her way to Big Spring stopped her Honda Shadow motorcycle on the freeway and walked over to the frontage road to say Hello. She had a Diet Coke and pleasant talk that got me to the top. Thanks Mary.