12-08-07 thru 11 Tuesday through Saturday – Hanging out in Fairbanks, Alaska

Biding my time in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Glacier House Hostile. Very few pictures have spent some time updating files on the computer. Washing sleeping bags at the laundry, Washing and waxing the Trike and Bent.

We had listed the Burley Recumbent on Craig’s List here in Fairbanks. and ended up selling it    the lady bus driver of the bus Michael and rode to the airport. I hope she enjoys it and goes as far as Michael and I did with it or even further.

It is pretty anticlimactic around here with out bicycling or being with Michael or Joe and Emma.

The good news is I am resting my sore knee and soon Helena will be here for the train ride to Anchorage and the Marine Ferry to Bellingham,  Washington.

Almost everyday I ride over to Sam’s Warehouse store for free samples and a inexpensive slice of pizza and diet coke.

Tomorrow I am heading over to the Catholic Diocese anniversary BBQ at the Pioneer Park and then ride  to Nenana, AK for a few days.

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